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Free Gift!!

We have been running a special offer at some of our events recently and it has been really popular, so we wanted to make sure that everyone is aware of it. This offer is simply our way of saying Thank You for supporting us! It has been a tough couple of years for small businesses, we really appreciate our customers supporting us and wanted to let you know that we do!

The offer is A Free Gift when you spend or order £30 or more with us. The free gift is your choice of one of our A5 Notebooks (normally £7) or Tote Bags (normally £8). You can see the choice of Notebooks and Tote Bags below:

The Tote Bags that we have available are Heart of The Forest, Daisy & Rose

The Notebooks that are available are Filled With Love, Heart of the Forest and Family Tree

The offer is not on our Etsy page, so if you planning to order via Etsy, then you just need to contact us to confirm your choice of Free Gift

This offer is valid while we have stocks of Notebooks or Tote Bags and is only available for bags & books featuring the artwork shown. If we don't have stock of the item you would like as your free gift, we will offer you one featuring one of the other images shown.

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