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Updated: Apr 4

Most of you know that we sell prints of Mikey's artwork, but did you know we also sell the large original paintings? These have been very popular so we only have a limited selection available. With original artwork - once it's gone, it's gone! The originals are painted in acrylics on acrylic paper and measure 20" x 16", once framed the outer size of the frame is 26"x21". These are framed in the same style of black frames as our prints are sold like this one (please excuse the lights reflected on the picture!)

If you would be interested in a purchasing an original without the frame, so that you can choose your own frame - this may be possible, please contact us. The original artwork that is currently available is shown below. If you are viewing this blog on a mobile device, please keep scrolling as there are gaps between each image! Please note that the prices of our originals vary according to the detail on each painting and the time taken to paint each one.

Hadrian's Wall £200

Making Memories £200

Sycamore Gap - £150

Saltburn - £170

Baltic - £170

Durham - £170

Crossing that Bridge - £200

Dinosaurs £200

Bookcase (the 5 blank books on the top shelf be personalised) - £200

Crossing That Bridge £200

Pets Life - £130

Love You This Far - £170

Heart of Our Home (the blank board on the signpost will be personalised) £170

Lily - £ 170

Tulip - £170

If you would like any more information, please click here to email us at artandsoul.md@gmail.com

EDIT 3/11/2021 update & remove sold original of Lighthouse, add in Dinosaurs

EDIT 12/12/2021 updated images and text

EDIT 4/4/22 updated images

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