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Original Artwork #2

We sell prints of Mikey's artwork and as we're often asked about the originals we thought we'd tell you more:

The originals are painted on 20" x 16" sized acrylic 300gsm paper in acrylic paint. Once finished they are professionally photographed before we pass the image over to our printers who produce our high quality prints.

The original artwork is then framed in the same style black frames that we sell our prints in, the outer size of the frame is 26" x 21". The images below show originals which are available to purchase. As it's always tricky to photograph framed artwork without reflections, the photos below show unframed images and we have included one photo of a framed original to give you an idea how they look framed. We can supply more photos if you require them.

The prices of each original varies depending on the detail and amount of time taken to paint.

On Saturday 7th November we are taking over the whole Pop Up Shop in Yarm and will have these originals with us, however they can be purchased before this date. We can't post these large originals to you but we can arrange delivery.

If you would like more information, please click here to contact us.

An example of how our originals look when framed (sorry about the reflections!)

Sycamore Gap - £150

Saltburn £170

Love You This Far - £170

Tyne Bridge £170, limited personalisation will be added for the buyer in the banner on the bottom right

Durham - £170

Angel of the North - £170

Pets Life £150

Richmond £220

Our Flower Range Tulip, Rose, Sunflower, Daisy & Lily (are portrait orientation)- all priced at £170 each - if you purchase two or more there will be a discount.


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