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Christmas Shopping 2022!

Updated: Nov 12, 2022

It might be early, but this year it seems that lots of us are starting our Christmas shopping early! So we thought we would do a blog to give you ideas for your Christmas shopping, or so that you can drop a few hints! Our prices start at £3.50 for our coasters and go down to £3 each if you buy 4 of more! You can find our price list further down this blog.

Artwork Range

If you go to the Gallery on this website, you can see our full range of artwork and next to each image are more details - you can see the name, what size prints it is available in and if the image is available as mugs & coasters. It also lists if the original artwork is available.

Mounted Prints

All of the artwork in the gallery is available as Mounted Prints which look like this:

They fit in a 16"x12" frame (this is a standard frame size, so they are easy to get hold of) and they are ideal if you wish to post one as a gift. We can post these to you and we use thick cardboard envelopes to protect your artwork.

Mounted Prints are £20 each.

Framed Prints

We also sell framed prints of our artwork which look like this:

This image shows the A4 and 7"x5" Framed Prints, which all our artwork are available in. The A3 framed prints are in the same style of frames.

The prices are:

7"x5" Framed Prints - £15

A4 Framed Prints - £30

A3 Framed Prints - £50

Mugs & Coasters

They are available in a selection of our Location Range: Angel of the North, Bamburgh, Roseberry Topping, Saltburn, Shambles, Tyne Bridge, Whitby & Yarm.

Coasters are £3.50 or £3 each if you buy 4 of more. Mugs are £7, and a set of a Mug & a Coaster is £10.

The mugs are supplied a white box.

Original Artwork on Canvas

We always have some original canvases available and no prints have been taken of the artwork on theses canvases. They are approx. 9"x12", this one is £40.

These are our Signpost Canvases - we always have some in stock and you get to pick the names. dates, places, or whatever you would like to go on the signs to personalise it. They are £45 each.

Original Artwork

The originals of some of our artwork are also available to purchase, the prices of these vary and you can find our more details by clicking here to read our Original Artwork Blog (which is updated regularly).

Prints on Canvas

It is also possible to order any of the artwork in our gallery as a printed box canvas. These range in size from 12"x8" to 36"x 24". Please contact us for details of the prices of these.


Please email us to place an order and we can then arrange postage or delivery. You can also order to collect at any of the events we will be attending. You can order our Mounted Prints from our Etsy page however if you are local, (Darlington, Eaglescliffe, Yarm, Stockton) we will be able to deliver your order, so if you contact us by email you won't need to pay the postage on Etsy!


Our current price list is shown below, we try hard to keep our prices as reasonable as possible and that seems to be so much more important this year than ever. Even though some of our costs have increased, we have kept our prices the same:

Lastly, thank you so much for your support - it means so much to us - please contact us if you have any questions or need more information about our artwork.

EDIT 12/11/2022 updated price list image added (prices still the same just the graphic that changed!)

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