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Painting workshop

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

Mikey hosted a charity event on Saturday evening, giving a painting lesson to 20 people.

Paint and pour

It wasn't just paint that was poured during the evening: wine was flowing and nibbles were provided by the charity. Each person had their own workstation with a blank canvas, easel, paints, brushes and palette. The class was full of mostly beginners, looking for a fun night and to explore their creative sides. Mikey took everyone through how to paint a moon in the night sky, step by step and with various techniques learnt along the way. Anyone unsure of what to do next was helped out personally by Mikey.

Everyone commented on how much they enjoyed the evening, and what a bonus it was to have an artwork of their own to take home!

New events

We have lots more art planned just as soon as we can all get out and about again, and some new events to look forward to.

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